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Trans Feet Review

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Trans Feet is the only dedicated foot fetish site for lovers of TS girls. Produced by an established Italian studio that has been filming foot fetish content since 2008, it features female identifying slim breasted trans women flaunting and teasing not only their big hard dicks, but also their sexy feet. Despite it being such a niche site, it has an impressive 100+ videos in its archives, and is adding to that number rapidly by releasing one new video each week. The same girl appears rarely more than once or twice, so there are over 50 different trans models featured on the site.

Produced By Italian Masters Of The Art Of Foot Worship

The site is produced by an Italian studio that has been devoted to producing the highest quality foot fetish porn for over a decade. These guys are masters of their trade and have produced thousands of foot worship videos in their time for a number of different niche foot sites. Most of the transsexual models appearing here are Italian (or sometimes of Romanian appearance) just as in their CIS sites. Usually the tgirls featured are slim breasted and hard dicked, appearing to be at an early stage of transitioning into their female agenda. They do however dress the part, with very feminine and sexy outfits that really prove that they are all women even if they still lack breasts and retain huge, erect penises and balls.


Super-hot blonde Scarlett Roses is standing in front of the mirror, with nothing on but a red lace top and a pair of nude pantyhose that make her mile-long legs look even longer and sexier. Watch horny Scarlett Roses as she flaunts her killer body, perfect legs and sexy feet, rubs her big cock through her nylons, sits on a grey couch, gets her cock out and jerks it for you.

The above is a fairly representative example of the type of model that appears on Trans Feet, as well as the type of action. A model who is transitioning from male to female, wearing sexy pantyhose, strokes her cock for the camera until ejaculation. Most of the videos on the site do feature solo action. Sometimes there is some kinky elements thrown in, such as pissing.


T-girl Irene Aoki is such a hottie, and has that super sexy femininity paired with a man’s lust. She is standing in the bathtub, with nothing on but a T-shirt and a pair of panties. Watch as she gets her cock out, squats down and pees on her bare feet with grey painted toenails. Is there anything more arousing than a sexy T-girl pissing on her delectable feet with high-arches, lickable soles and perfectly shaped toes?

Reasons To Join Trans Feet

  • The leading transsexual porn site for foot lovers, and probably the only of its kind.
  • Produced by an experienced and dedicated Italian studio dedicated to producing foot fetish videos.
  • A new release every week with over 100 videos and over 50 models featured in their archives.
  • Each video comes with a massive high resolution photo set.
  • Erotic trans foot fetish action featuring solo models.
  • Transsexual Beauty Lexxie Chantilly Fucks Her Ass While Showing Sexy Feet


    Pretty English transsexual Lexxie Chantilly dresses up in an ultra-sexy outfit for you, including black stockings and suspenders. She teases you with her delightfully feminine feet while stroking her meaty dick and inserting a penis shaped dildo into her tight ass!

    Final Review Summary – Is A Subscription To Trans Feet Worth It?

    If you are a trans porn fan and are into feet, then you hardly need to even think whether to join or not this site. It’s a high quality site made by the best foot fetish porn producers aimed at trans fans. It’s updated with a new video (and usually a new model) every week, as well as an accompanying high-resolution 100+ photo set. The studio behind it has been established for over a decade, and judging by their many other foot porn sites, they will likely be updating Trans Feet regularly for years to come. The only negative for some might be that most of the models used are Italian, as well as slim breasted. If that’s not a problem, then a long-term subscription is a no brainer.